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Family Matters: Chapter Twenty-Four

Posted by doodasnapefreak on 2013.09.15 at 11:15
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Chapter 23 ~ Table of Contents ~ Chapter 25

Sorry about the delay; Kinsfire's website is down, and it took me a while to track down another copy. It's now saved on my computer, so let's see if we can't spork this thing to death!

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Chapter 22 ~ Table of Contents ~ Chapter 24

Family Matters: Chapter Twenty-Two

Posted by doodasnapefreak on 2013.01.22 at 11:39
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Chapter 21 ~ Table of Contents ~ Chapter 23

Family Matters: Chapter Twenty-One

Posted by doodasnapefreak on 2012.11.06 at 16:16
Just a warning: the following chapter contains many references to rape. I found it extremely disturbing.

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Chapter 20 ~ Table of Contents ~ Chapter 22

Family Matters: Chapter Twenty

Posted by doodasnapefreak on 2012.03.13 at 17:20
After a VERY long hiatus, I'm back! Sorry about that, but for the past three months, I've had some pretty bad morning sickness, and Kinsfire was the last thing I needed for that. But I'm finally feeling better and have some energy, so we are good to go! The next fic I've selected for sporking when I finish this abomination will be much less painful (fingers crossed).

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Chapter 19 ~ Table of Contents ~ Chapter 21

Family Matters: Chapter Nineteen

Posted by doodasnapefreak on 2011.12.01 at 14:28
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Chapter 18 ~ Table of Contents ~ Chapter 20

Family Matters: Chapter Eighteen

Posted by doodasnapefreak on 2011.11.16 at 15:22
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Chapter 17 ~ Table of Contents ~ Chapter 19

Family Matters: Chapter Seventeen

Posted by doodasnapefreak on 2011.11.04 at 07:17
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Family Matters: Chapter Sixteen

Posted by doodasnapefreak on 2011.10.21 at 12:53
Chapter SixteenCollapse )

Chapter 15 ~ Table of Contents ~ Chapter 17

Family Matters: Chapter Fifteen

Posted by doodasnapefreak on 2011.10.17 at 12:27
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Chapter 14 ~ Table of Contents ~ Chapter 16

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